The idea of Hecom came as the result of the meeting of established professionalism in Hotel Management, Green Architecture, Energy and Environmental Certifications and International Marketing. A magnetic encounter that prompted a unique initiative in the field.

Meet the TEAM

Hecom - Hotel Eco Management - Jacopo Doria

Jacopo Doria

Hotel & Resort ECO Manager

Hecom - Hotel Eco Management - Valeria Fava

Valeria Fava

Sustainable Marketing

Francesco Chiarlo

Francesco Chiarlo

Business Development


The professionals who work with us
Hecom - Hotel Eco Management - Elisabetta Tonali

Elisabetta Tonali

Bio Architects

Hecom - Hotel ECO Management - Roberto Ornati Social

Roberto Ornati

Energy Consultant


And that’s what we are:

A network of professionals in the field of hotel management, sustainability, innovation, architecture that interact synergistically to disseminate a philosophy, a different way of doing business in a fair, acceptable, sustainable.

We also want you to become part of this network that grows every day and to help we have available three things in particular: professionalism, ethics, innovation





We give you at least four reasons



We believe in the power of specialization and complementarity of experiences. Starting with professionally different roads we meet the service of a single identity of views.
A new job, a purpose: the credible and certifiable sustainability in the tourism and hospitality industry.
Una nuova professione, uno scopo preciso: la sostenibilità credibile e certificabile nel settore turistico-ricettivo.



Whatever the need that drives you to invest in sustainability, we know how to support you. The
resources used under our guidance will bear fruit and in particular relations with actors of the
sustainable economy, creating a sounding board around your commitment, your new competence.
creando una cassa di risonanza intorno al tuo impegno, alla tua nuova competenza. 



Our focus is not to forget who we are and take advantage of our team’s skills, regardless of your initial point of view then we will talk about the structure, certifications, management and innovation, materials and people. Your project will get a breath of fresh air.
Perché il tuo progetto “sappia di fresco”.



Our aim is to take you on the most suitable and functional way to your goals. We wish for you a progressive path, incremental, just because we do not make cuts in quality choices and do not threaten the long-term objectives. The sustainability we think is primarily yours.
proprio perché non si facciano sconti alla qualità delle scelte e non si rischino obiettivi di lungo periodo. La sostenibilità cui pensiamo è in primo luogo la tua.
Hecom - Hotel ECO Management - Chi siamo