If you have realized that you cannot wait any longer to adopt sustainable tourism management, the HECOM TEAM is ready to explain you how to do it!
Hotel facilities, Tour Operators, National and international hotel chains, Boats, Sports facilities, Spas.

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The meeting with us is real and pragmatic. We analyze your business and your management practices, so we present you a valuable report. We’ll propose practical measures and actions that you can predict gradually to marry the requirements of an ECO-certified facility.
In essence, we make your goals a real sustainable tourism management giving value and consistency to your efforts.


The ecological certifications for hotel facilities are so many, they have different purposes and methods. Some have a normative effect; others modify the way of doing business. Some certifications slashing costs medium and long term, others are a real divide between your company and the conventional market. In any case you need someone to drive you in the choice.
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We organize training courses in Hotel Management ECO to teach you the basics of Eco Management of your business or your Hotel. At last you can discover the economic and reputational advantages that you will have to manage an Eco-Accommodation facility.


Investing in sustainable tourism management is a smart way to sow efforts and resources in the fastest growing segment. It means orienting oneself ethically and at the same time dealing with the part of society that creates value and the future. For this reason, we will put you in contact with other actors of sustainability and the communities in which we are interconnected: colleagues, suppliers, customers, citizens. The value of the Green community is invaluable and growing.

Hecom - Hotel ECO Management - Gestione Turistica Sostenibile
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By working with various environmental groups, we are able to study and develop an accredited specific environmental education program for your area by disseminating to your structure also with the help of technical / scientific volunteer resident staff.


We can train your staff or propose professionals already trained for sustainable tourism management and able to give prominence to your business.
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Sustainable tourism management

We are available to Tour Operators and Hotel Chains to create innovative product lines.

Counting among your business and accommodation proposals a structure that boasts a sustainable and environment friendly management is an incredible weapon to increase your reputation as well as stand out from the competition. Hecom - Hotel Eco Management - Gestione Turistica Sostenibile


It has been proven that modern customers are willing to pay a little more to stay in structures that respect the environment, so enough with the war to the bottom. It’s time to take care of the environment that is critical of the concept of tourism itself.

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