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Jacopo Doria has been involved in international hotel management for over 25 years in Italy, Greece, Zanzibar, Maldives, Seychelles.

His first approach to the concept of Hotel ECO Management Jacopo Doria experimented in 1995 during his collaboration with the hotel “Villaggio Mediterraneo” located on the island of Alonissos in Greece. The island is located within the Northern Sporades National Marine Park and the goal was, in essence, to enhance this aspect.

Thanks to the collaboration agreed with some environmental associations such as LIPU e Animal & Nature Conservation Fund, the constant presence of qualified personnel such as marine biologists and naturalists was then introduced to a facility for the first time.

Together with these associations, Jacopo Doria also creates programs dedicated to guests to raise  awareness HECOM - Hotel ECO Management Jacopo Doria Ecoclub and respect for both the surrounding environment and animals.

In addition to this, even mini courses in Marine Biology are held at the facility.

At the same time, programs to save water and reduce the release of pollutants into the environment are implemented.

The hotel was among the first of that era to carry out the change of towels agreed with the guests and to have information brochures about it in the rooms. Finally, in 1998, Jacopo Doria created the ECOCLUB brand.

In 2002, during his management of a resort on the island of Zanzibar, Jacopo Doria is invited to visit the island of Chumbe Island where he is confronted with the real concept of Eco Resort.

He is practically dazzled and, since that moment, his management activity has always been characterized by attention to environmental sustainability.

Today, through the HECOM project and its professionals of “Green Living”, he set himself the goal of transmitting his experience to others and spreading a fundamental concept.

The paradigm that, finally, the world of tourism can no longer ignore is that respect for the environment in general and that surrounding its structures, specifically, is an added value that is practically itself part of the hospitality business.


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