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Valeria Fava

Marketing Specialist

Valeria Fava began her career in the marketing of multinationals, then in 2001 she gave up everything to devote herself to diving and became a PADI instructor

In the meantime, as a manager and entrepreneur, she explores the worlds of hospitality and the green economy with projects of various kinds and scope.

Valeria Fava is a marketing strategy and business analysis specialist for sustainability projects in the hospitality and consumer sectors. She pays particular attention to the consistency between the various elements of a sustainability strategy in order to create healthy and lasting value for those who invest. Valeria Fava manages to aggregate data and skills from different environments, trying to bring to light the economic and social potential of the innovations by speaking to the different subjects involved in the creation of the innovation: from the investor to the user.

Valeria Fava - casaDoria

Valeria Fava is Co-Founder and manager, together with Jacopo Doria of casaDoria [SlowLife Hotel] & Restaurant, an eco-sustainable hotel in southern Crete. She has for many years embraced the world of sustainability and she helps you to better communicate to the world what you are doing for the environment.


  • Project Management
  • International Marketing
  • Hotel management through the entrepreneurial activity of casaDoria [SlowLife Hotel] & Restaurant
  • Research and analysis of green innovation
  • Degree in Labor Organization at Luigi Bocconi University – Milan

Personal Skills

Marketing e Communication
Business Design
Positioning study
Market analysis

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