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Elisabetta Tonali

Bio Architetto

Architect Elisabetta Tonali is involved in the research of innovative, natural, low-impact and low-tech construction techniques.

She is a designer in the fields of architecture and bio-architecture, interior design and green design. Over the years, Elisabetta Tonali has designed and implemented many recovery and restoration interventions, always based on the use of Eco-friendly techniques and on the enhancement of the existing, accompanied by a passion for landscape architecture. She deals with different architectural typologies: residential architecture, ecovillages, cohousing, tourist residences, nursery schools, commercial activities; the restoration of historic architecture on buildings built between 1400 and 1700; the recovery of rural buildings and historic farmhouses; landscape design at different scales, also in terms of planning. She is also involved in the construction of straw bale buildings and light and dry construction techniques.

Hecom - Hotel Eco Management - Elisabetta Tonali Materiavera

In 2004, Elisabetta Tonali founded Materiavera which proposes natural materials for green building and organizes courses and events related to sustainable living.
In Hecom she coordinates all the architectural design activities and the selection of the best materials in terms of performance, environmental impact, cost, aesthetic quality.


  • Provides design and technical advice on environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques
  • Is a trainer and technical consultant for professional associations, she promotes innovative products and materials in partnership with manufacturing companies.
  • Is a designer in the field of architecture, interior design and green design for individuals and companies.
  • Collaborates with the PhaseModus architecture studio in Milan, head of the department dedicated to sustainable design.

Personal Skills

Sustainable Design
Organic Gardening
Interior Design
Ecological Design

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